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Crowns and Bridges

If you have damaged or missing teeth - crowns, bridges, or a combination of both can improve your smile, provide protection, and fill in gaps. Contact our Bells Corners, Nepean dental clinic today to learn more!

Image by Peter Kasprzyk

Restore damaged teeth with crowns

A dental crown is a shell that fits over an entire damaged tooth that is at risk of breaking by covering and protecting it. Each crown is made individually to be virtually indistinguishable from a natural tooth. Crowns are used for teeth that are cracked fractured, discoloured, damaged by decay, oddly shaped or damaged by grinding.

Crowns are also a common solution for protecting teeth do not have sufficient structure left as a result of large cavities or weak fillings. Additionally, crowns are used to hold a dental bridge in place. Dental crowns are a practical solution to a wide range of problems, and we encourage you to contact us so we can discuss your options. 


What is a bridge?

Our goal is for you to have a comfortable, natural looking set of teeth that helps you regain your quality of life. We will start by taking a mold of your natural teeth and gums to make sure that your dentures will fit comfortably once you’re ready to wear them. If needed, your teeth will be extracted once the mold is taken. When your dentures are ready, we will guide you through a fitting process to make sure your dentures are as comfortable and functional as possible, for as long as possible.

Is a bridge the right solution for me?

If you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, we recommend a bridge to replace the missing teeth. The bridge will look very much like your natural teeth, and it will allow you to have normal chewing function again.

We want to do everything possible to ensure that damaged or missing teeth do not negatively impact your remaining teeth and dental health. If you are in need a crown or bridge please contact us to get started on your restoration plan. 

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